Yue Liuying from Jin Empire was a simple and witty girl. Under the threat of her foster brother, she became Ling Qiye's concubine. Yue Liuying didn't want to be controlled or live as a spy, but she couldn't get rid of her foster brother, so she had to find another way out. She planned to poison the groom on the wedding night to make him appear dead so that she could escape from Ling's Mansion and regain her freedom. On the wedding day, both the groom and bride had their own plans, and thus became the ancient version of"Mr. and Mrs. Smith". Yue Liuying, the naive young girl, was no match for Ling Qiye who has been a shrewd businessman for years. As a result, she found herself teased by him. Being threatened by her foster brother with poison at the same time, she had no choice but to give up the idea of running away. Instead, she started to seek other opportunities in Ling's Mansion. As Yue Liuying spent more time with Ling Qiye, she found that Ling Qiye was not as despicable as her foster brother described him to be. On the contrary, he was a good man with great foresight and he valued love, justice, and responsibility. Ling Qiye also noticed that Liuying was a kind-hearted and talented girl who didn't hold a candle to the devil. They grew fond of each other and resolved various conspiracies and crises together. Finally, they fell in love and started their funny yet sweet love story.